Basic Tips to Improve Battery Life Of Android Phones

Basic Tips to Improve Battery Life Of Android Phones


Let’s see some useful tips to increase battery life of your android phones and devices:

Adjust The Brightness

Display consumes most of the battery of the Android phones. Because they got high resolution and also a touch interface. You cannot close the touch interface option but you can adjust the brightness.
While you are in a room or during nighttime, you can minimize the brightness of your device to as low as possible (able to view content) and when you go out in sun light then you can put the brightness to top level.
This will bring out maximum battery saving results and will definitely help you improve battery life on your Android phone.

Check Wireless Connectivity Options

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the two widely used wireless data connectivity tools on Android phones. Apart from their benefits and features, they consume battery as well. Now you cannot control your usage with them but while you’re not using them then you can at least turn them off.
This is the second most factors that will improve battery life on your Android phone. You can access quick settings to turn them on/off instantly. If your device got NFC or Infrared, then do check those features as well.


This is the next thing you need to turn off. I know there are lots of usage of GPS and benefits as well, but you do not know it for your whole day. Yes, you also know that you look at GPS apps only at time of need. So why you have enabled it for whole day?
I do not think now I’ve to tell any further thing to convince you for turning off the GPS and turn it on at time of need.


Android keep on checking updates for all the apps installed on your device. Now you have to make sure that you close this feature as it count on the battery life.
However, don’t forget to update the apps while you’re at home where you can plug in the charger as updating apps will keep you updated and safe from bugs.
If a new version of Android is available from your device manufacturer then do install that updated version of the OS, as it will definitely improve the battery life of your device.

Multi-Tasking To Increase Battery Life Of Android Phones

This is where smartphones are much ahead of feature mobile phones but it counts on battery life too much. Once you stop playing a game or using an app then do kill those apps.
I mean to say, stop those apps from working at background, consuming CPU resources and battery life. You can use task manager to stop any working app.
I hope you will find these tips helpful on how to improve battery life of android phones. Please consider sharing it on social networking sites.

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