How to Register a Domain Name For Your Blog?

Registering a domain name is the first practical step you will perform to start a blog. It is quite easy to register a domain name but deciding the best domain name is very confusing and brain storming process. So let’s start registering a domain name process.

 What is domain name?

It is your “address” on the World Wide Web. Domain name is your online identity, shows your skills and personality.

 While registering a domain name Keep these Characteristics of a good domain name in Mind:-

1. your domain name should have a .com extension: this is very important thing that your domain have .com extension. There are lots of blogs which are suffering only because they don’t have .com extension. Most of the net users are not used to type a full domain name with extension in browser, the simply press “CTRL + ENTER” to add extension. And this will automatically add a .com extension.
2. your domain name should be relatively short and memorable: Register relatively short domain name. Practically, all short domain names with 4 letters are already taken. So its very hard to find a very short domain name. So, try finding a domain name which is easy to remember and short enough.
3. Your domain name should be easy to spell and hard to misspell: take care enough while registering a domain name that your domain name is easy to spell. Try to get a domain name which has no or less chance to misspell. For example, flickr. People will easily type flicker instead of flickr.
4. Your domain name should not contain hyphens: This is very important characteristic of a good domain name name. An ideal domain name should not have hyphens in it. because people will easily forget to put hyphens when typing your url in browser. Even when someone tells your domain name to other verbally, then there is a chance for communication gap and easily mistaken to put hyphens.
5. Your domain should include keyword or it must be brandable: it’s always a topic for discussion whether use a brand domain name or domain name with keywords. I have a suggestion for you. If you don’t start a blog for money, then don’t run behind keywords. get the best domain name for your brand. But if you are starting a blog for money, then its matters. You must include your keyword in domain name to rank high in search engine fast. For example, search in google for term “search”, you will find “” first then google. It’s a strong proof for that. You can also try this using another keywords and realize yourself.
Now you have clear idea about which type of domain name you should think.  Your next step is to think and write down a list of your preferred domain names. Write them is some variation, as there is less chance of getting the exact domain name you think. Because good and short .com extension domain names are already taken.
When your list get prepared, check for your domain name availability. If your preferred domain name is available, that’s fine. Register it. And if it is not available try some variations of your preferred domain name. check for availability and register one which is available.

List of domain name registrars prices:

There are lots of domain name registrars available. Following are a few registrar which you can trust to register a domain. Domain name registration field is very competitive so it’s prices are also vary from registrar to registrar. Therefore you check their sites while registering a domain name. Domain name will cost you about $10 – $12 per year.

 How to register your domain name?

This Section is Bit Lengthy So we Have Divided it Into Two Articles which you can read be opening link given below:-

Article 1:-How to Register Domain Name with Hostgator?

Article 2:-How to Register Domain Name With Godaddy?

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