Top 10 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Top 10 Ways To Monetize Your Blog


#1. Sell Ad Blocks On Your Blog – A good way for making money from your blog. You can sell different sizes ad space from your blog like 125 X 125 ad block, 468 X 60 ad block, 300 X 250 ad block, etc. It depends on you. You will decide prices of all ad blocks and manage advertising.

#2. Go With Ad Networks – If you don’t prefer to manage advertising on your blog yourself, then join good ad network which manage your advertisement. You just have to sign up to them, set your preferences and all done. Leave all work on them. I think BuySellAds is the best choice.

#3. Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing – Another best way to make living from blog. Affiliate marketing, if done right way, you can be very successful. And you can earn a lot from your blog. You can start affiliate marketing by joining clickbank. Just sign up for clickbank, choose any product of your niche, get your affiliate code and start promoting your product.

#4. Write Paid Reviews – If you are great at writing and your blog receives good amount of visitors, you can monetize by writing paid reviews on your blog. This is a great way to earn good money by simply giving your own honest reviews about product related to your blog and audience.

#5. Sell Products From Your Blog – Your blog is your identity and money. You can sell products related to your blogging topic. Products related to your reader’s interest are beneficial for you to sell on your blog. You can put a widget on your blog post or sidebar.

#6. Create Your Own Products To Monetize Blog – Another best way to make money blogging is to make your own products to sell i.e. ebooks. Write about the topic you are master in it and sell your own ebook from your blog. Same you can create any other useful products like wordpress themes, wordpress plugins or any other tools which your loyal visitors want.

#7. Show Ads In Your Videos – If you are good at video blogging and you like to create videos, then you can also monetize your blog videos. Create a video and start showing related ads in your video footer / sides / header. For live example, you can see youtube videos which shows adsense ads in video footer and other paid ads before the video starts.

#8. Start Paid Classes Teaching Your Expertise Topic – If you are great in something, start teaching it to others. Open online and/or offline classes for those who want classes from you. If you are really good, then it can become a major source of blog income.

#9. Offer Paid Services From Your Blog – Many authority blogs make their earning by this way. They are selling their best services to others. For example, writers sell their writing (blog posts/articles), wordpress seo experts sell their wordpress seo service, web designers sell their theme customization service, etc. So, you can also start monetizing your blog by offering your best services.

#10. Start Accepting Donation – Finally, if you are doing something great free of coast for your blog readers, then this is the best way to say them ‘You Also Want Money For Living’. If you are providing free wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, any other services or you are doing some social activities for human kind, then obviously you can ask for DONATION. You may use paypal to create your own donate button. Put a donate button on your blog. If anyone wants to donate you, they can simply do this by clicking on that button.
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