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Top 14 Tips For Beginners To Start Blogging


1: Clearly decide your niche to blog about

Most of the beginners fails, because they don’t decide their niche. They start blogging on various niches to confirm their failure. So, before starting for any step, decide your niche to blog about.

2 : Draw clear diagram of your blog on paper

Make a clear idea about look of your blog. A blog without good design and plan will look like a rough note book. So decide how your blog header will look like, how your sidebar will look like, your home page design etc. Make plan of your blog on paper and build a successful blog that rocks.

3 : Decide your blogging platform

Start with the best blogging platform. Here is the list of some best blogging platforms to start blogging with. I recommend wordpress to start a blog. WordPress is most widely used blogging platform.

4 : Decide your theme for blog

After deciding your blogging platform, find a theme for your blog depending on your plan (design) of blog. Selection of theme affects a lot to blog. So choose a theme very wisely.

5 : Decide your categories for blogging

Before you start writing blog content, decide blog categories in which you will publish your posts. Take some time to think for it. Make a good list of categories. But don’t make too many categories for single blog. Try to make maximum 6-8 categories.

6 : Don’t forget to add must have pages on your blog

To make your blog stand out, your blog must contain some pages on it before you start publishing posts like about us, contact us, legal disclaimer, affiliate disclosure, privacy policy and sitemap.  These pages now-a-days are must have pages for a blog.

7 : You must have at least 20 posts before starting a blog

Do not start a blog with only 2 or three posts. Write about 20 posts to publish a blog. Because no one like an empty blog if they visit. Ask yourself, do you like a blog having only 5 posts?

8 : Make sure to you have written original content

Do not just copy and paste content. By this you will never get succeed. Write original content in your way. I don’t say to create a magic posts which is not exist in blogosphere, because it’s the fact that there is everything already written online on every topic. So you can pick the same topic but write it in your own words and own way. That makes different from other copy-paste bloggers.

9 : You should not write what you don’t know

Write on your blog about the topic you know. Don’t write posts on topic, even you can’t discuss it with your readers. Try to be as transparent as possible with your audience.

10 : Give credits wherever it requires

If you write something by taking idea from somewhere else, give credits to them. If you publish an image from other website (which allows this), give backlinks to them. Do not forget to give credits, this will represent your credits.

11 : Update your blog regularly

The best key for success is to update your blog frequently and regularly. Update your blog as frequently as possible. Search engine loves fresh feeds.

12 : Always connect to social medias

Socialization is very important. Build your own social presence. Connect with friends of similar interest and share knowledge. Social networking will help you a lot in your blog promotion and seo.

13 : Start building e-mail list from starting

E-mail list is the most affecting factor for your money making dream. You can’t make big money without big mailing list. Your blogging money is directly proportional to the mailing list. So do not delay this task, start building your mailing list from very beginning.

14 : Make sure that your blog is not full of advertisements from starting

Do not spoil your blog by putting so many ads on single page. Do some online research, which place is best to put ads. Try to keep optimum number of ad slots on a page. So mane ads on page will decrease the reader’s experience.

Have I missed something? Share your points and tips for blogging for beginners via comments. And don’t forget to share this posts.

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