Getting unique visitors by Admob Hacking

Getting unique visitors to your own site can be very difficult. At times one cannot decide upon what to concentrate and what not to concentrate upon. Its not always necessary that a good coder will have a site with great traffic, the reverse can be true. A noob coders site may get huge traffic but a professional coders site may not get that much traffic.

The amount of revenue generated from advertising is directly proportional to the amount of traffic one gets to his/her site. If there are more clicks for lesser impressions then the ad system detects it as a potential fraud and the publisher risks getting banned or blocked. Hence one needs to maintain a consistent traffic inflow, but what if no matter what a coder does ,he is unable to get enough traffic? Then in that case the coder decides to hack sites getting substantial traffic

A hacker silently uploads a shell script or executes unauthorized illegal commands on a victims server and changes the ad code parameters thus directing all the revenue into his Admob account i.e directly stealing money from the worthy person. For such an act of stealing, Admob would usually ban the hacker but its very difficult to prove that a certain individual did the malicious act of stealing.

 Admob hacking is a very much a reality and people should be protecting their sites against unauthorized uploads. This can only be done by securing the script, securing uploaders, sanitizing form inputs, disabling register globals etc.

Server security is a vast topic but one should atleast do the little needful things to avoid hacking. The least one can do is closely monitor ad requests and impressions on a daily basis

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