What is Encryption | Symmetrical Key and Asymmetrical Key

Encryption is a method or a technique used to encode a message so that it can’t be read by a normal user/person. Its an art of secret writing, It can also be defined as converting information from plain text using an algorithm or a cipher to make it unreadable, So that the converted information can only be read by the person who is having the special knowledge. The process of encoding is known as Encryption and its reverse process i.e. decoding it is known as Decryption. Encryption is very useful when it comes to protecting your confidential data from being stolen. It is helpful when data is transmitted over the network, it safe guards you data from sniffers. When data is needed to be encrypted over a network, SSL Protocol is used for encryption purpose. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.
Types of Encryptions

Symmetrical Key : This type of encryption is also know as Shared Key Secret. In symmetrical encryption, the key which is used in the process of encryption, that same key is also used in the process of decryption. If two parties want to exchange the encrypted data securely, both of them should have the same copy of symmetric key.

Asymmetrical Key : This type of encryption is also know as Public Key. In this type of encryption, keys are generated in pairs, public key and private key. In asymmetrical encryption key used to encipher is different from the key used to decipher. Therefore the two partners have two different keys, one is made public and other one is made private. Let’s take up an example to understand the concept in an easy way.
Suppose, John wants to send a message to Mike, he just ciphers the message with the public key and sends it to Mike. Since Mike is having the secret key, he can and decipher the message and read its content.

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