Common Window 8 Installation Errors

Window 8 has become very popular within the very few days of release. More than 5 millions of upgrades that have been sold a few days after the release. Even though it might take time for some of the customers to get acquainted to the features of window 8, it is expected to be very easy to use and understand when installed in their computer once they understand it.

Just like windows 7, this windows it offer the user the option of having a clean installation or upgrading from the previous version.It allows one to choose the desired option. It all begins with happiness after upgrading the personal computer to windows 8, but later one may start experiencing some problems during the installation or after completion of installation.

Black/Blank Screen after Installation:

Among major problems faced by computer users after installation of windows 8 is the blank screen. Many of them are left wondering what might have gone wrong since the installation was successful. It has been noted that the installation of Windows 8 goes well without a problem and the blank screen only appear afterwards. The computer user might not have an idea of the procedure they have skipped. When one is faced with the problem of the blank screen, they could get assistance from windows 8 support. One can also apply the following steps to fix this problem. The problem can be solved by creating a bootable DVD or USB and then try installing it. In case it does not fix the problem, make changes to the settings of the computer BIOS by making it play and plug operating system enabled. Ensure that the security software like the firewall and antivirus are disabled.

Missing Important Driver or Files:

It is common to receive an error message of being the installation process being unable to take place because there are missing drivers and the error requests the BIOS to be entered during or after the installation process. The problem is mainly during the selection of the disk to install the OS. The problem can be solved by holding on the Alt key on hearing a beep when the computer is rebooting. The key should be held until a whirling gear is seen and then the OS is selected as the start up drive. The method is only applicable when installing windows 8 on MacBook air.

Failed Upgrade

The problem of failed upgrade is usually attributed to several things. The user should ensure that their computer meets minimum requirement for their system to hold windows 8. The antivirus and firewall should be disabled to allow the upgrade to go smoothly. The Internet connection should be strong enough to complete the installation process. A valid license key of the OS should also be available. When using the touch functionality, one should ensure that their computer is able to support the multi-touch.
When facing problems with upgrading windows 8, it is advisable to have a clean installation. If the problem persists, the user can seek expert help from the windows 8 support. After solving the above problems, Windows 8 will allow you to explore your computer world.

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