Top 5 Ways to Promote website Or Blog



1. Promote your blog on social networks

Create a fan page on facebook and promote a blog on it. Daily billions of users are participate on facebook, which is enough reason to invest time on facebook. Twitter is another social network platform to promote your blog. Google is indexing twitter pages so whaterver you tweet related to your blog will helpful your net presence. Be creative and smart with tweets. There are also other social networks where you can promote a blog.

2. Promote your blog via comments on other blogs

You should invest your time, in addition to twitter and facebook,  in commenting on other blogs. Make a list of great blogs in your niche which you would like to read regularly. Make a goal to leave useful, relevant comments on posts on that blogs regularly, this will help you to provide extra value to your blog and your online presence.

3. Promote your blog via guest blogging

Guest blogging means to write great posts for other good blogs in your niche and submit to them for publishing. By guest posting, you can build a good relationship with other bloggers as well as this will also build a backlink to your blog on that blog where you guest posted. This backlink will be very helpful in SEO of your blog.

4. Promote your blog via forums

Promoting your blog via forums is very popular and good way to show your online presence. Forums will help getting traffic to your blog. Find a forum in your niche and register with it. Try to give best answers of questions which other users ask, do this regularly, after sometime you will build your brand and traffic will start driving to your blog.

5. Promote your blog via blog carnival submission

A blog carnival is a scheduled blog posts that  links to other blog posts about a specific niche. blogs who are running blog carnivals submit their blog to Blog to be listed. So, you can go to that blog and find upcoming related blog carnivals to submit your posts there. Blog carnival is a time consuming process,but if you submit your best and great article to relevant carnival, it will build good back links to that post.

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