How to Extend Windows 8 Trial Period of 90 days

Microsoft has officially released evaluation edition for free for 90 days.It comes with all the features of Windows 8 Pro Edition.In this post we will discuss how to extend 90 days trial of Windows 8 pro and use it for 90 more days.So in total 90+90=180 Days.
If you don't know Rearm is a inbuilt feature of windows 8 which will extend the trial period of all editions of Windows 8.This methods isn’t anything cracking or illegal method to activate Windows 8.If you want to continue trial version for some more days, re-arm Windows 8 Evaluation version.

How to Extend Windows 8 90 Days Trial: 

  • If you have not yet downloaded windows 8 edition then you can Download Windows 8 PRO Edition for Free from here.
  • Once you download the Enterprise Edition and install it on your PC you can use it for trial for 90 days for free.
  • A watermark will be visible on the bottom right corner of the desktop background showing the number of days remaining for activation.
  • Once the trial period is over you will be demanded to buy windows 8 pro edition.If you don't want to buy and use it for trial for some more days then follow the below steps.
  • Once the trial period is over you need to re-arm your windows 8 edition to extend the trial.This feature was available for windows 7 and Microsoft office as well.

Follow below steps to Re-arm Windows 8 Edition:

  • Once you notice the trial period is over or about to complete you need to re-arm to use it for 90 more days for free.
    • First open Command Prompt(CMD).The most important thing to execute this operation is to Run command prompt as Administrator.
      • Once command prompt pops out run the following command.
      Run this command:  slmgr /rearm
      • As soon as you run the command you will get a pop up notification to restart your PC.
        • Once you restart your PC it will set to 90 days trial again.
        It is recommended to run this command on the 89th day so that you will get more 90 days from that day.

        Few more Commands: 

        There are few more commands to check the activation details of your windows Operating system.
        To check the current license information of Windows 8:    slmgr /dli
        To check the detailed information of the current license type:  slmgr /dlv
        To check the expiration date of the current license:  slmgr /xpr

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