Trick To Make A wordpress or blogger Blog Visible Or Noticeable To Search Engines


How To Make A Blog Visible Or Noticeable To Search Engines

#1 Check Privacy Settings
The very first and basic step to make your blog visible to all different search engines is to set your privacy setting in wordpress to allow all search engines to index your blog.

WP Dashboard→Settings→Privacy→Site Visibility→
Allow Search Engines To Index This Site

Not doing this may restrict your blog to the number of search engines. Because the more number of search engines index your blog, the more often your links will show up in search engine result pages.

#2 Submit Your Blog To Search Engines
A very simple, yet effective step to increase your blog’s visibility to different search engines.

Submit your blog url to Google
Submit your url to Bing

Your next step is to create a XML sitemap of your blog. You can easily create XML sitemap using wordpress plugins. I use wordpress seo plugin by Yoast for this. And submit this XML sitemap to google webmaster and bing webmaster accounts. Submitting XML sitemaps helps indexing your blog posts faster and makes your blog visible and gets noticed.

#3 Professional Blog Design
When a new visitor comes to your blog, the very first thing he will notice is your blog design. Therefore, choose your blog’s theme very carefully. Choose your blog theme which helps you to convert your blog posts.

Your blog theme explains a lot about you and how much is your sincerity to blogging. So, instead of choosing cool and funky themes, go for a impressive professional theme.

#4 Smart Link Building Strategy
You must have a link building plan for your blog. Quality and natural backlinks are very important in google’s eyes. Backlinks helps in increasing blog pagerank and as we all know high pagerank blog posts are prioritized by Google in SERPs.

Below are quick ways for link building:
  • Submit your blog to blog directories like Alltop, Dmoz, Technorati, etc.
  • Add your blog link to your social networking profiles like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin, etc.
  • Guest blogging is the best and popular way for quality backlinks.
  • Contribute article to quality article directories like Ezine, Goarticles, etc.
  • Blog commenting on dofollow blogs like Basic Blog Tips, Pro Blogging Success, etc.

#5 Use Social Networks Power
Register yourself on social networking sites like twitter, facebook, google+, stumble upon, linkedin, etc. Connect and interact with more people. Make more relations. This will help you in your blog promotion. Make friends, interact with them, exchange your views and opinions and share your blog links wherever it is possible (Don’t overdo it).

Join forums of your niche and help other bloggers by answering and solving their queries. Some forums gives dofollow link in your signature. This way your blog link will be spread and you can make your blog visible and noticeable online.

#6 Blog Promotion Strategies
Blog promotion is essential part for every bloggers. Because without promoting your blog you will never get visitors to your blog. If you are following #4 and #5 points above, then you are almost done with promoting your blog. There is nothing different.

Building backlinks and staying active in social networks are the parts of promoting the blog. For details read these best ways for promoting your blog.

#7 Update Your Blog Frequently
One can never ignore that content is the only king in this blogosphere. Adding fresh content to your blog frequently makes your blog fresher and you may get benefits of freshness of your blog posts.

Is frequent updating your blog really helps?
The answer is YES. High blog posting frequency attracts new visitor to your blog. Every new blog post is a new entry point for your visitors through search engines and your blog will get new visitors. And as I said, If these visitors love your content, chances are there that they may subscribe to your blog. So, update your blog more frequently for more growth and visibility.

#8 Interaction Matters
Always encourage your blog readers to comment on blog posts. You as a blogger should reply them and solve their queries. By doing this, you will not only interact with other bloggers but your blog post may also get visible in search engines for keywords written in comment section.

Any other ways of interaction are also not be missed by bloggers. You should always be ready to interact with other bloggers and share your blog links there to get your blog noticed and make it more visible to search engines.
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