How to make Money Blogging and become Professional Blogger

Have you ever commented on a website or submitted feedback to any website? Do you know the same comments in the form of effective writing can make you a living? Yes hundreds of people are doing the same and they are called bloggers. The website they maintain is called a blog and if they do it full time then they are called professional bloggers. There are professional bloggers who are earning a six figure income, hard to believe but it’s true.

This is all possible as everything spread on the internet requires good content. Let it be the websites, online journals, news papers which have taken digital form called e-papers and e-magazines.

All these need quality content and they are ready to pay to complete their work. Demand for bloggers has increased with the rise of blogging networks and SEO promotion websites.

Websites like Payperpost pays you to blog on virtually any topic of your choice, while sites likeMylot pays you post per basis. Other websites which pay for blogging include and Many Paid forums and paid assignments are available on the net.

In order to start blogging you need a website or a webpage so that you can blog around a particular topic or personal experiences. The difference between a blog and normal website is that: a blog is interactive where the visitors post their comments unlike the static websites. You can create a free website on WordPress, Blogger,, or any other website of your choice where you don't have to pay for webhosting. You can also choose themes, web templates for free.

Buy a website of you own if you can invest, which will have more advantages than a free website. But you need to pay for domain name and webhosting. You will have full Control of the design of your website. The great advantage of you own website is that you domain name will be indexed by the search engines, thus increasing your traffic. Choose a domain name which is related to the content of you blog or website.

The next step will be setting up of the blog. You need a blog platform which makes your website ready for a blogging experience. WordPress and blogger are some of the most used blog platforms. There are quite a number of them available and the goodness of these blogging platforms is that most of them are free.

When you are finished with the setup of the website, you are now ready to write the content of the blog. If you want to attract most of the traffic, the content should be useful to the visitor and unique: what it means is new ideas instead of the same content already found on the net.

The post length should not be too small or too long. If the content is too small you would not have completed a good review on the topic; likewise if the content is too long you might bore your visitors. Ideally speaking a blog should be updated regularly with different reviews/topics.

When coming to different ways to earn money using you blog, there are quite a number of ways.
Displaying contextual ads on your blog by using programs like Google AdSense is what most of them considered in the first place. Selling of Ad space on you blog is also a good idea for making money. Other options include affiliate marketing in which you get a percentage of the sales amount when you send visitors to the Affiliate website, sale of your own products like e-books.

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