How to Make Money Online with Youtube Videos

YouTube is the third most popular website on earth after Google and Facebook. It has grown and expanded tremendously right from its inception. From a mere video uploading and viewing site it has gone to a stage where it is able to broadcast live events and even popular sports live.

There were no opportunities in the beginning with YouTube except some kind of indirect marketing programs. Revenue generating Programs like Google AdSense, YouTube partner programs are taking it to the next level in making money.

It’s now really possible to make money through YouTube and there are already hundreds of people who are already making a good income.

In order to earn through YouTube you need to remember three important steps.

You tube only encourages videos with original content. You need to take the video yourself or you can have a video from others after obtaining the ownership with copyrights. Even the background mixing with movie songs is thought to be not original by YouTube.

1. Take a Video or Get a Video :
You tube is an opportunity to show your talent to the world. If you are good singer and no one has come forward to produce your songs, then YouTube is the right platform for you. Produce some wonderful songs for yourself and publish them on YouTube. If you are good at cooking make some awesome videos of different recipes you know of. If you are good technician show the world how to configure a product.

Keep in mind that your video should be short and sweet. Visitors would like to see a 2 to 3 minute video rather than a 30 minute documentary. You also need to upload your videos regularly for better results. 100 videos of you will attract more visitors and more subscriptions rather than a single video with a couple of visitors.

One thing which you cannot predict in the YouTube videos is that which goes viral. Some times the daily things captured on video may be a good hit than a heavily produced video with much care and better resolution. So try out yourself with all the options you have.

2. Attract visitors for your videos :
After you upload your video, now it’s time for you to attract visitors and turn them to be your subscribers. The more subscribers you have the more chances of getting more revenues. One way to attract visitors is to highlight the YouTube videos in your website if you have one along with the content.

The popular way of spreading the news of your YouTube videos is to post the video links in the social networking websites like face book and twitter which makes not only your friends to watch but also friends of friends thus making it viral.

Another way of attracting visitors is to show a trailer or promo of the actual videos in different places like websites, which will eventually make the visitors, interested thus good traffic to your videos.

3. Earn Money through Videos :
Affiliate marketing or internet marketing done through videos is a big hit. This is based on the fact that everyone likes to watch video rather than reading a lengthy content. During the video or at the end of the video, a link to the website for which you are doing marketing is embedded so that the visitors land on that page.

You can do a lot of campaigns for as many affiliate sites you wish. Another way of attracting and driving the visitors to your sales page is to keep a sample video which only contains preview and for full information they need to visit the sales page. You can have the best use of videos for launching a product or marketing your services or for a product review.

YouTube Partner Program :

After many years of smooth journey, YouTube decided to introduce a program which will turn videos into money. With this program you have a chance of working with YouTube where you share the revenues generated by your videos between YouTube and yourself. Through this program it is possible to earn a decent amount provided you have videos with original and attractive content.

This program is not only free but also helps you to increase visitor views and revenues. After you partner with YouTube they try to highlight your videos as they will have the share in the revenue your videos will generate.

There are two ways you can participate in this program. Some times YouTube sends you a mail to apply for the YouTube partner program if your videos are having more visits. You can apply to their program and you will generate revenue only for that video.

The second one is that you can apply for the program, if approved the revenues will be for all the videos you upload. The different ads which will appear and generate revenues after you are approved to the program are:

A. Overlay Ads: These ads are displayed at the bottom of your video, which actually cover a small portion of your video at the bottom. You will be paid when the visitor clicks on these ads.

B. Pre-Ads: These are video ads which will appear even before your videos starts. These are like normal ads which we see on television.

C. Content Ads: These are the ads which you see in the content of the page where you video is displayed. You will be paid when the visitor clicks on these ads.

You will need to have a Google AdSense account for all this to happen. Google AdSense for videos is being approved by Google. You need to apply for it if you already don’t have one.

You will be paid once your account reaches 100 dollars by Google AdSense.

You tube is turning to be an amazing opportunity both for the marketing and the normal people. In future we can see more programs like these which will help everyone to make money.

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