How to Hack Mobile Number Free?

In this post,We are going to create any mobile number (police,fire department,girlfriends,etc) andsend messages,Sure this method has only 75% success rate,but it works like a charm for the most time.In spoofing attack the attacker (you) make himself a source or desire address.This post is only for education purposes,and this trick can be traced back to the source very easily,So don't create a scene.

So What Do WE Need :
Social Engineering Toolkit, Available On Backtrack.

Step 1 :
Open "Social Engineering Toolkit" in Backtrack 5 (mine OS) by Opening your backtrack console &Typing

Step 2 :
Once the directory is opened,Type"./set" to fire up the social attacking kit.

Step 3 :
Now select option number 7.This module allows you to specially craft SMS messages and send them to a person. You can spoof the SMS source if you want to,its not that hard.

Step 4 :
Now select option 1 "Perform a SMS Spoofing Attack”

Step 5 :
Select how the "spoofed-sms" should distribute,you could send it to many people or just one,Yourchoice.

Step 6 :
Now you need to enter the number of the receiver (victim), make sure to enter with country code.Example : +9188260xxxxx for India,

Step 7 :
Now select 1 for pre-defined Templates,that is helpful to newbies, of-course you can createyour own.

Step 8 :
On this step you need to choose the templates,I will choose the"Boss" one,you can use accordingto your situation.

Step 9 :
Now you need to select the service which will send that crafted SMS you created,You can choose whatever-the-hell you want,If you have an Android Emulator that is just great.

Step 10 :
POOF ! You just send an spoofed message,which is capable of stopping war or creating it,depends on you.

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