Top 8 Ways To Increase Alexa Ranking quickly

So you want to improve alexa ranking of your blog. And you land here to learn how to increase alexa ranking. But do you know what is alexa rank and why you should bother for improving alexa ranking?
 Yes, everyone knows that as traffic increases, alexa rank decreases. But there are certain tricks, techniques and ways to increase your alexa ranking very fast. Follow below tips to improve alexa ranking quickly.

Top 8 Ways To Increase Alexa Ranking quickly

 #1. Alexa ToolBar
Go to and download alexa toolbar. Click here to download it and then install this on your browser. So that whenever you surf your blog, this toolbar will track your own visits which will be counted as hits for your blog and gradually it leads to improve alexa ranking of your blog.
 #2. Ask Your Friends
I recommend you to ask your friends to install above tool on their web browser. So their visits will also be taken into consideration for improving alexa ranking of your blog. And you can also encourage them to write a review about your blog on alexa. If I have helped you any manner, You can also write a review for AtiHackingTricks here: Write A Review.

Click On Book Cover For Improving Alexa Ranking
#3. Alexa Traffic Widget
Visit alexa widget page by clicking here and select widget to place it on your blog. Therefore every visits of your blog will be calculated as hits for your blog and it will be very helpful for improve alexa ranking. Below is alexa widget of this blog.
#4. Blog Posting Frequency

Yes, blog posting frequency can also affect your alexa ranking. So regular posting can improve alexa ranking in a better way.

 #5. Blog Niche

It also depends on your blog niche. If your blog is about blogging, so majority of your visitors are bloggers and webmasters. And yes, they already have installed alexa toolbar on their computer. This will help your blog for increasing alexa rank.

 #6. Forums And Social Networks

Promote your blog on the forums and social networking sites related to bloggers and webmasters for the reason as explained in the above point.

 #7. Create Quality Backlinks

I have noticed that building backlinks from reputed blogs have positive effects on your alexa traffic ranking. Therefore I suggest you to create backlinks with proper blend of different anchor texts and of do follow- no follow attributes. This will help you to improve alexa ranking for your blog or website.

 #8. Alexa Autosurfs

Last but not recommended tips. Only new blogs which have no alexa ranking or have very low alexa ranking can try this tips. Go to google and search for alexa autosurfs, try different keywords like alexa autosurf, improve alexa automatic, alexa boost up, alexa program. And make your blog surf automatic on browsers with alexa toolbar. This can improve alexa ranking fast.

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