What is Alexa Ranking and Some Tricks To Improve Alexa Ranking



What Is Alexa Ranking? 


Some Tricks To Improve 

Alexa Ranking

Alexa rank plays quite good role in bloggers career especially if you want to earn money from your blog.
So let’s know more about what is alexa ranking, what is the importance of alexa ranking and how to improve alexa ranking?

What is alexa ranking? And how it is measured?

What is alexa ranking?

Alexa is owned by Amazon.com. Alexa rank every websites and blogs according to traffic they received and some other factors. Alexa traffic rank updates daily. Lesser rank is better.

How Alexa Ranking is measured?

Ranking system of alexa is not pretty fair system to rank websites or blogs. Do you got the question “WHY”? You may be surprised after knowing how alexa rank is measured?
Because websites and blogs are only ranked amongst visitors who have this alexa toolbar installed on their browser. So alexa ranks website and blogs by amount of hits they receive from users with this toolbar installed.
That means blogs related to blogging and technology receives high amount of hits then blogs other than blogging and technology niche. Isn’t it so unfair?

What Is The Importance Of Alexa Ranking:

There are several factors which decides how much your blog worth is like domain name, domain age, google page rank, blog income, etc. Alexa traffic rank is one of those factors. Alexa ranking is very crucial for blog owners who want to monetize their blogs.
  • Alexa ranking is one of the major factor which advertisers look at to decide blog reputation.
  • Improved alexa ranking reflects your hard work and professionalism.
  • Before accepting your guest post, bloggers will look at your blog’s alexa ranking first.
  • Lowest alexa ranking proves your authority in your niche.
  • When you want to sell your blog, buyer will see your alexa rank for estimation of traffic.
  • Low alexa rank helps you to sell your blog at higher price.
  • Advertisers also see your alexa ranking to know behavior of your traffic.
So, now improving alexa rank is becoming more interesting, isn’t it? You are now know what is alexa ranking, what is the importance of alexa rank and how to improve alexa ranking. Let’s see best ways on how to improve alexa ranking.

How to improve alexa ranking

Do you know how you can increase your blog alexa ranking? Below I have given best tips and ways to improve alexa ranking of your blog.
  • Alexa toolbar installation on your web browser
  • Get help of your circle for improving alexa ranking
  • Get alexa widget for your blog and install it on your blog
  • Blog posting frequency matters
  • Blog niche plays a major role in alexa ranking
  • Create quality backlinks to improve alexa ranking
  • You can also use alexa autosurfs to increase alexa rank

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